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I SUCK AT THIS GAME | "Ghostrunner"

Here’s my conundrum: I’ve spent six hours playing a video game, which is a fair amount of time to put...

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GAME REVIEW | "Metamorphosis" Too Buggy To Complete

I’m staring at my TV screen for five minutes, wondering what the hell is going on. The sounds of the...

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GAME REVIEW | "DAYMARE: 1998" Makes Its Way Through The Fog

One thing I have to give credit to Invader Studios is its push to expand. Originally formed to develop a...

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GAME REVIEW | Hitting the High Skies In "Red Wings"

I love a good dogfighting game, especially those based during World War I. The thrill of fighting the Red Baron...

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No Borders No Race: Episode Ni-Hyaku-Yon-Juu-San

It's a scary world right now, and our host King Baby Duck can't help but admit that fact. But he...

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The PAX East 2020 One-On-One Special!

A month has gone by since PAX East 2020 wrapped up, but we've still got just a tiny bit more coverage...

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