King Baby Duck

The Bastards Invade Your Face & Space

If you thought this website was just enough, you're wrong!  The B3 Crew have two other territorial spots they have...

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Episode IV: Here's Fatty!

This week's B3 Podcast show is crammed to the brim with topics and crazy antics.

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"Kannagi" Filled With Many Laughs

Bandai Entertaiment recently announced the release of "Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens" just one day before was released on DVD here...

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Music Special: King Baby Duck's Top 10 Japanese Albums of the Last 25 Years

King Baby Duck does a solo show, and he's got some kickass music to spin for you!

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Episode II: Bastardland Tales

Calling all Bastards and Wenches!  Another fun-filled B3 Podcast is coming your way!

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A Queen, A Foo and a Zeppelin Walked Into a Recording Studio...

No, this is not the start of a joke.  It's what might be the start of the greatest rock album...

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