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MANGA REVIEW | "How Do We Relationship?" - Volume Ten

MANGA REVIEW | "How Do We Relationship?" - Volume Ten

Man, if being a couple were easy, then there’d be no such thing as breakups or divorces. Even if you’re with someone who seems perfect inside and out, you’ll still have moments of doubt or worry the more you’re with them. It’s this aspect that’s highlighted the most in the tenth volume of How Do We Relationship?, as both Miwa and Saeko deal with their fair share of issues with their girlfriends. Do they find a way to jump these new hurdles?

For Miwa, the issue is very straightforward. Her girlfriend Tamaki seems to have zero interest in sex. Every time they get in the mood, Tamaki pulls back. It leaves Miwa worried that Tamaki is feigning her interest in her, but as the narrative goes on, it’s revealed that it’s lot more complicated than that. Even when Tamaki explains herself, it doesn’t offer much comfort to Miwa, who still thinks there might be some love trouble a-brewing.

Then there’s Saeko’s girlfriend Yuria. Her job and her studies leave her with very little time to rest and relax with her girlfriend. One moment has Yuria breaking down over forgetting salad dressing, as she beats herself up over a tiny error. So what’s a good girlfriend to do? Honestly…Saeko has no idea. And thus, we get to the question that this manga title asks: how do we relationship?

I have to commend author Tamifull and their way of handling both Miwa and Saeko’s dating troubles. Never do they write in some magical solution that wipes away these rough patches. Instead, there’s a lot of talking. Sometimes, it’s Miwa and Saeko having the conversation; other times, it’s with their respective girlfriends. While there are times when the women can be coy about their real feelings, with time, their honesty will come out.

And sometimes, that honesty can sting, especially when it comes to Miwa. But as How Do We Relationship? shows, dating requires a little emotional bite here and there to find the right kinds of compromises. Don’t want to have sex every night? Compromise with some light cuddles. Lacking the energy to be flirtatious after work? Help with a chore to get it done faster and lead to some healthy talking. (There’s a lot more troubles here on display, but I’ll let you find out what they are yourself.)

There’s also a nice showcase of how — no matter your sexual orientation — dating can be a bitch! This is shown well between Mikkun and Rika, with the latter mad over the former’s current dating life. It takes Miwa hearing these two out to realize that something’s itching to bubble out, and it needs to come out ASAP. The moment shows the challenges of not just dealing with true feelings, but also how one should learn to read a person’s emotions. (Trust me: that’s one of the hardest things to do with the person you love!)

Ten volumes in, and we’re nowhere close to figuring out the manga title’s answer. And yet, that’s life, isn’t it? We try the best we can with the people we love, and hope to succeed. But no matter the amount of wins and losses, the solution to the perfect coupling will never be found. Still doesn’t hurt to do your best though, and — in the end — that’s what matters most, right?


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