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MANGA REVIEW | "Love’s in Sight!" - Volume Six

MANGA REVIEW | "Love’s in Sight!" - Volume Six

Color can be complex. You can say something is red, but what kind of red? Does it have a light shade, or maybe it has a tint of yellow in it? I can only assume that such a concept as color could be difficult for someone lacking sight, since describing color requires, well, actually saying said color. But in the sixth volume of Love’s in Sight!, we get a little taste of how other things are colored thanks to the back story of Aono.

But before that happens, there’s a bit of jealousy in the air. It starts when Yukiko asks Morio if he had any ex-girlfriends. He gives something of a non-answer, hoping the conversation will go away. However, after going to a museum, the two run into someone from Morio’s past. And that person’s mere presence strokes some flames in Yukiko’s heart.

That’s when the concept of “love at first sight” is presented, but it’s not the kind of love you’d expect from a high school rom-com. Although Morio has difficulty explaining it to Yukiko, he reveals what it was about this so-called ex was more like to him. The reveal dives deeper into Morio’s pre-Yukiko life, one that the girlfriend has learned that she must wait until her man feels comfortable enough to fully reveal.

The “Dumped” storyline does a great job not just with how it deals with past exes, but also why people need to wait for someone to be ready before revealing something. It’s here where Yukiko becomes the more stubborn of the two, saying things that make Morio worried about how she perceives his past. In fact, her actions are so out of character, that it results in Yukiko having a bad case of insomnia. Fortunately, Morio swoops in for the save in a way that’s both heartfelt and genuine.

This now leads to the one-two-three knockout punch of the stories “A Sister”, “Colors”, and “A Special Gift”. All three of these tie in to a love confession given to Hachiko. At first, Morio is excited for Hachiko, believing that she should go for it. But then, Hachiko reveals her feelings to Morio, leaving the poor guy incredibly confused.

Fortunately, Morio runs into Aono, and turns to him for advice regarding feelings. It then dives into a story about Aono’s past, and how he — a man without sight — can perceive color. These moments are where Love’s in Sight! shine the brightest, as it gives readers a full-blown course on living without the ability to see without feeling like a drawn-out lecture. And what is revealed in this story is something truly beautiful!

At first, Aono has no idea why he needs to learn about colors in the first place. But thanks to his dedicated teacher, he not only learns why, but he comes up with his own logical reasons. The calm blanketed with blue, the warmth in a hint of orange, love surrounded by red. Aono dives so much into the color of feelings, that Morio unlocks a new appreciation for the life around him.

It’s learning about the shades of color where Morio realizes the different kinds of love he has for those around him. The pure love for Yukiko, the family love for Hachiko, and best bud love for Hanao are all red, but in differing ways. This chat with Aono not only helps realize Morio’s troubles, but also finds a way to be a good supportive friend to Hachiko. However, it does add a sliver of trouble when it’s date time for Hachiko, with a token of kindness blowing up hilariously in Morio’s face.

I honestly cannot get enough of what Love’s in Sight! delivers in every volume. The beauty in the storytelling, on top of its well-crafted sense of humor, makes it one of the most unique and powerful rom-coms in years. Volume Six teaches readers how everything is painted in color, and how you don’t need to see it to appreciate it around you. In its special way, Love’s in Sight! keeps on creating a sort of magic that teaches, entertains, and — most important of all — changes the way we look at the world.


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