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I pity the studio who’ll be put in charge of Choujin X’s inevitable anime adaptation. The first four volumes of Sui Ishida’s follow-up to Tokyo Ghoul have been a wonder for the eyes. But in its fifth volume, it manages

Yusei Matsui is in a class all in his own. Ever since Neuro: Supernatural Detective, his visual style has been one filled with uniqueness and beautiful detail. But it’s in his work The Elusive Samurai where his craft has been

It’s a fact that when a TsuShiMaMiRe song hits your ears, you can’t help but concoct some mayhem. For twenty-five years, the trio has smashed, kicked, and even danced their way through clubs all over the world. With Mari’s cute

Visions of Dr. Mario run through King Baby Duck's head, as he and JonStar chat about the other Tetris clones that they could be champions of. But of course, this is not what this episode of Duck Amuck in Japan

Let’s just say that you’re the creator of a manga. For example’s sake, let’s say the manga is Chainsaw Man. You know that your audience wants carnage and over-the-top violence. So what happens if, instead of high-octane action, you give

When a person gets transferred, it can be hard to stay in touch with your old comrades. Of course, it’s a lot harder if it’s due to you having the ability to change into a monster, but good ole Kafka

Sometimes I’m surprised by which anime is brought to the Western. Often times, there will be a show that’s brimming with something that only those who live in Japan would understand. After all, while bars and taverns are absolutely a

Stitches isn’t the first time authors Hirokatsu Kihara and Junji Ito have collaborated together. Years back, Ito had taken Kihara’s Mimi’s Tales of Terror compilation, and added his own twists to the tales. However, Stitches is the first time the

As we’ve come to find out in the last couple of volumes of Rooster Fighter, demons have been misunderstood. In fact, they want to do their best to help out humans. The reason why many have been attacking recently has