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MANGA REVIEW | "The Elusive Samurai" - Volume Ten

MANGA REVIEW | "The Elusive Samurai" - Volume Ten

Yusei Matsui is in a class all in his own. Ever since Neuro: Supernatural Detective, his visual style has been one filled with uniqueness and beautiful detail. But it’s in his work The Elusive Samurai where his craft has been fully mastered, and in its tenth volume, practically every drawn frame can be seen as a work of art. A good thing, seeing as the story those frames are attached to is equally as badass!

Hojo and his clan take on members of the Kanto Hisashiban, who aid in defending Kamakura. The weight of the battle rests between two different fights: Kojiro Vs. Shibukawa and Hojo Vs. Imagawa. Two face-offs with two styles of combat, as either side seeks the weakness of the other. However, it’s in these fights where the stakes reach their highest.

First, it goes without saying that the battle between Kojiro and Shibukawa is a feast for the eyes. Every blow, every slice, and every drop of blood displayed here is captured in a tint of disturbing gorgeousness. Seeing how they read each other’s body language and movement always demonstrates why they are practically equals in combat, despite the massive age difference. It all leads up to an impressive final blow, one that looks like it’d be featured in a legendary tale of might and bravery.

Even as this battle goes on, there’s another amazing fight occurring, one between Ayako and Ishido. Although not as long as the other fights, Ayako’s contribution to the cause is also noteworthy. From how she takes down Ishido to the final deadly slit, this moment showcases why this strong girl is important in Hojo’s Elusive Warriors. The same can also be said about Fubuki versus Iwamatsu, who the former of which is also able to rescue the lives of many while taking down the ferocious Group 2 leader.

This then goes back to what could be the biggest spectacle yet in The Elusive Samurai: Hojo’s fight with Imagawa. For a guy who claims to love horses, he sure has zero problem causing them a crap-ton of harm! From kicking them until their hearts give out to straight-up drinking their blood, Imagawa is quite possibly the most frightening villain seen in this manga thus far! All the more reason why Hojo should make him an ex-human!

Readers are given a good look at Hojo’s strategy against Imagawa. What we aren’t given is any hint of whether their plan will fully work. At first, it would seem like Hojo has a handle on the situation. But then, an unnerving feeling hits. It’s the sort of instinct that makes you think the other shoe is about to drop, but you have no idea just how big of a threat it will be. And now that everyone knows Hojo Tokiyuki is alive and kicking, it would seem our young samurai is about to deal with his toughest match yet!

Volume Ten of The Elusive Samurai is a nonstop feast for the eyes. Its action is on a whole new level of shonen manga greatness, and the storytelling in the midst of battle will easily keep readers’ attention. Now that we’re back where this story has begun, there’s no telling what sort of fate the Suwa Sect and The Elusive Warriors will befall upon them. But one thing’s for certain: it’ll take more than horse tranquilizers to sedate the excitement that The Elusive Samurai is protruding!


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