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MANGA REVIEW | "Chainsaw Man" - Volume Fourteen

MANGA REVIEW | "Chainsaw Man" - Volume Fourteen

Let’s just say that you’re the creator of a manga. For example’s sake, let’s say the manga is Chainsaw Man. You know that your audience wants carnage and over-the-top violence. So what happens if, instead of high-octane action, you give long tedious monologues about fish facts? What do you think your readers would call you?

500 points for Gryffindor!

Okay, so the monologues are just for a first few pages of Volume Fourteen, but I stand by Denji’s reaction to Asa’s nonstop fish trivia. The poor guy just wants to go see the penguins, the second-best animal at the aquarium. (I’m a seal guy. Not sorry.) Here he is on his first date in what feels like forever, and he’s not having the least bit of fun. If only something can come around to shake things up…

Two somethings wind up emerging, the first being Famine Devil. It takes War Devil by surprise, with Asa now being in a bit of trouble. However, the second something is a cause for alarm. Looping hallways, little food, annoying Devil Hunter members, and dead fish now overtake what could’ve been a fun date…which could give Asa a new weapon to wield via Denji’s spine. But no, those darn Devils have to muck up those plans.

But Chainsaw Man throws a bone to Denji and Asa, as they bond within the craziness of everything. Eating starfish, having a laugh, and even seeing & touching a tuxedo bird turn a troublesome date into someone a bit more positive. Of course, there needs to be an out from this aquarium maze, and it might involve the power of moolah. And then, just for a moment, readers are gifted with that trademark carnage Tatsuki Fujimoto is best known for.

So does any progress happen between Denji and Asa, or even with Asa’s plan? That all depends on who you talk to. Denji thinks there’s something there, but Asa, who’s unable to turn Denji into a weapon, may believe his heart is elsewhere. However, a second chance at a date reveals a whole lot more regarding Asa, Denji, and a certain somebody that’s now living as Denji’s roommate. And that roommate, well, she doesn’t like it when a girl gets close to Denji!

Meanwhile, there’s quite a bit going on behind-the-scenes. Armageddon may be approaching, especially now that the Famine and War Devils have entered the foray. Asa even bears witness to a disturbing phenomenon, causing another being of evil to emerge from the chaos. Is the keeper of War Devil ready for this next battle, or will Chainsaw Man have to come down for the rescue?

There’s plenty to laugh and cringe at in the fourteenth volume of Chainsaw Man. The violence and mayhem isn’t as grand as in past volumes, but the development between Asa and Denji certainly takes precedent. Still, there are a few rules these two need to abide by in order to make…whatever it is we wanna call it work. But knowing how Chainsaw Man usually goes, these rules are bound to be broken, cut up, and mutilated for the sake of some good fun and gore.

Now about those sea anemones…


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