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MANGA REVIEW | "Kaiju No. 8" - Volume Nine

MANGA REVIEW | "Kaiju No. 8" - Volume Nine

When a person gets transferred, it can be hard to stay in touch with your old comrades. Of course, it’s a lot harder if it’s due to you having the ability to change into a monster, but good ole Kafka would agree that that’s no excuse to try to reach out. What is a good excuse if having all your means of contact confiscated. In Volume Nine of Kaiju No. 8, that problem is nipped in the bud, but is it far too late to make amends with old friends?

The short answer: no. As Kafka quickly finds out, everyone in his old crew has been itching to talk to him. Hundreds of missed texts and calls fill his notifications, and a couple of familiar names even start calling him. Kafka’s greatest fear is that those whom he was chummy with will no longer see him as the same person. And in some aspects, he’s correct. However, what his friends see in him isn’t the Kaiju; it’s his human self.

It’s a touching moment in Kaiju No. 8, one that doesn’t end with brutal violence and death. Although Kafka is seen as a hero and ally in this fight, he still feels like a monstrous threat that’s about to cut loose. This chat with his old friends puts a lot of those self-deprecated thoughts to bed, giving him more strength to power on and fight against this threat. But Kafka’s not the only one being given a power boost; Kikoru Shinomiya’s also got some muscle to gain & flex!

Knowing full well that she’ll need to wield a Numbers Weapon to defeat the Kaiju, Kikoru takes the mantle and prepares to undergo the training. But as time goes by, the monster threat begins to whittle down. There are sightings, but legit life-threatening attacks are unaccounted for. But then, when the human race least expects it, Kaiju No. 9 makes his move. And it’s a grim sight to behold.

Tall buildings, quiet parks, and even wedding receptions transform into chaotic scenes straight from Hell! There’s panic, mass hysteria, and even a lack of hope in humanity as the death toll begins to rise. That’s when the Japan Defense Force rolls on out, and the likes of Narumi and Captain Mina show just how much tougher they’ve gotten since the last major battle. And perhaps the most dangerous of allies now is Hoshina, whose sentient suit could be a key player in a much-needed victory for humanity.

But it all comes back to Kikoru, who shows the lengths she went to train to wield the Numbers Weapon. Her speed, agility, and strength showcase why she’s truly Daddy’s (No Longer) Little Girl. Even Kafka is taken aback by the walloping she can deliver. Although this manga has shown that there are plenty of strong heroes, the sight of Kikoru turning Kaiju into sashimi shows that there is a bountiful of hope that the world will be okay in the end.

Kaiju No. 8 has been on a tear lately, and Volume Nine showcases it both literally and metaphorically. There’s heart, havoc, and chaos on full display, with the strong arm of the law pummeling the evils with great confidence. Yes, Kaiju No. 9 may have something up their sleeve, but it’s nice for once to dive into a battle here a bountiful of confidence. And at least from Kafka’s perspective, you can thank friends both old and new for that much-needed strength to keep moving forward.


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