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MANGA REVIEW | "Blood on the Tracks" - Volume Six

MANGA REVIEW | "Blood on the Tracks" - Volume Six

Mommy is back.

That’s all you need to hear to get those hairs rising on your neck. Shuzo Oshimi’s Blood on the Tracks has been a whirlwind of a tale, as it dives deep into the psychological troubles between mother and son. But in the previous volume, it went even further to show just how bad the mentality of Fukiishi was, especially with what she does to her father. Now far from her grasp, Seiichi finds himself reunited with Mommy and back in his own abode.

Knowing Blood on the Tracks, this reunion isn’t a mesmerizing New York Times front page article; it’s a National Enquirer smut piece waiting to happen! Seiichi and Mommy have a talk about the events involving Shige and his “fall”. Mommy attempts to twist the truth, claiming that she was trying to save Seiichi’s cousin. Unfortunately, with how warped his mind is, Seiichi’s truth starts to fade with the lie put in its place. In that moment, a family is on the brink of being rebuilt.

But then, Mommy pulls out Seiichi’s underwear. He is unable to fully tell what caused it to become stained with shame, as his stuttering makes a return. Seiichi tries to explain what happened, but everything that comes out of his mouth appears to be a lie. At least, that’s what Mommy tends to think! She can’t believe her son is a dirty boy who enjoys being touched by another girl, leaving her to have another psychotic episode. No matter what Seiichi says — and no matter what he does — at this point in time, he cannot win.

This is what has made Blood on the Tracks a mesmerizing page-turner. Every frame, every shocking reveal, and every emotion is put on display through Oshimi’s brilliant artistry and writing. One moment, you think Seiichi’s going to catch a break, and maybe Mommy might finally reveal the truth. But no, Oshimi wants his reader to stew over every harrowing moment and every uncomfortable situation a mother can put through a child. Torturous? Absolutely! Mesmerizing? No question about it!

Volume Six of Blood on the Tracks lines up every domino that’s been placed thus far. Now comes the time for someone to flick the first one down. And wouldn’t you know it, somebody is now waking up from their coma. Oh, won’t Mommy be pleased to hear such news!


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