The South By Southwest Festival is just a few days away, and -- as usual -- our King Baby Duck is putting a spotlight on the bands he wants you to check out the most! Twelve artists from Japan are being given a little extra push, alongside three Boston acts that will fancy many a listen! Plus hear the where's and when's of each band's SXSW gig, in case you need to pencil it down if you'd like to see them live!

PLAYLIST (with album/single links):

  1. DYGL - Bad Kicks (digital single)
  2. the perfect me - On the Veranda (official website)
  3. regallily - buranko (from The Post EP)
  4. JP THE WAVY - Cho Wavy De Gomenne (from the WAVY TAPE EP)
  5. Sundrifter - Sons of Belial (from the album Visitations)
  6. Otoboke Beaver - anata watashi daita ato yome no meshi (from the album ITEKOMA HITS) [in stores April 26th]
  7. eX-Girl - The Revenge of Kero Kero (from the album Kero Kero Kero)
  8. FURUTORI - Signal (from the Hajime no Sensation EP)
  9. machìna - Fire (from the album archipelago)
  10. Boketto the Wolf - Float Back to Me (from the Sleepless EP)
  11. ASTERISM (feat. Bootsy Collins and Buckethead) - BLAZE (from the album IGNITION)
  12. CHAI - N.E.O. (from the album Pink)
  13. yahyel - TAO (digital single)
  14. STEREOGIRL - GIMME A RADIO (official YouTube page)
  15. Really From - Thumbnail (from the album Verse)

With Boston love being sent down to Austin, it's No Borders No Race: The SXSW 2019 Special!

Special thanks to Audrey Kimura of the Benten Label. For more information on the South By Southwest Festival, visit the official website! Check out the Japan Nite Facebook page for all the shows' info!

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