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June 2017

**WARNING: THE FOLLOWING REVIEWED GAME IS INTENDED ONLY FOR PLAYERS 18 AND OLDER. READER'S DISCRETION IS ADVISED, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE STEAM VERSION** It's been awhile since the last Nekopara volume came out, so I'm glad this installment finally arrived.

This post contains adult material. Click here to verify your ageThis post contains adult material. Click here to verify your age

Every so many years there will be an indie game that will use a game engine that is often reviled, but people will accept it since it's used more as a vehicle to tell a story rather than just being

Who is Moguro Fukuzo? For the past few weeks, the actions of this salesman have led me to think about what kind of individual he is. As each episode opens in The Laughing Salesman, we hear Mogura speak about wanting

King Baby Duck pays special tribute to Phil the Issues Guy, who just got hitched a week ago to his beloved! Then we sail the seas with Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, and throw on our

Conquering social anxiety can be tough. Even as a journalist that covers various conventions, I often find myself having a hard time getting someone's attention, let alone talk with a guest at their booth. So I can say with certainty

Music can be a powerful thing. It has the ability to heal emotional wounds, lift the spirits of the voiceless, and inspire new and thoughtful ideas and concepts that are unearthed from deep within the imagination. But can it reunite