The indie gaming world meets up once again at the smartest university in the world! Join King Baby Duck as he sits down with five incredibly talented video game and card game creators from this year's Boston Festival of Indie Games. Neon-colored death traps, voodoo curses, hardcore college partying, endless retro shootouts, and a tragic love story are all on order, and we're ready to serve it up!

So let's dive in and get our fingers on the triggers! It's Boston FIG 2016: A One-On-One Special!


Transition Music:

  • "QUESTION" by Mai Fuchigami, Aya Suzai, Nobuhiko Okamoto, Ryouta Oosaka, & Shintarou Asanuma
  • "Misery is the River of the World" by Tom Waits
  • "Bang! Bang!" by The Knux
  • "KAJA KAJA GOO" by Polysics
  • "Seeman" by Apocalyptica (feat. Nina Hagen)
  • "Party Song" by Cheeseburger

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