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April 2016

It's another round of Three Character Island with King Baby Duck, featuring voice actors Monica Rial, Tony Oliver, and Todd Haberkorn! Ending theme: "Take It Or Leave It" by the_Stampede From their "The Stampede EP" Available on their official site

The Boston Bastard Brigade -- along with Anime Herald, Operation Rainfall, and Toonami Faithful -- sit down with Studio Madhouse and MAPPA founder Masao Maruyama, as he discusses in great detail about what he learned from anime/manga icon Osamu Tezuka

The Boston Bastard Brigade and Anime Herald sit down with Hiromi Wakabayashi of Studio TRIGGER, as he talks about working on Kill la Kill and what he would've done if Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt were given another season. Plus hear

Recorded at Anime Boston 2016, King Baby Duck and Wicked Anime's Andrew Fleming try their hand at the upcoming fighting game Touhou Shinhiroku ~Urban Legend in Limbo~, coming to PS4 in Japan this month and later on in the US! Opening

King Baby Duck -- along with IAMTHINK.com and Wicked Anime -- sit down with voice actor Todd Haberkorn as he shares how he jumped from theater to voice-acting, as well as his favorite experiences behind the mic. Plus hear about recording for Sgt. Frog,

When Babymetal first officially spread its wings outside of Japan, the world was spilt on what to think. Some saw it as a breath of fresh air in a genre that had gone stale; others couldn't take it seriously, but

If nano.RIPE was nervous about their first American performance, they hid it very well during their 50-minute set at Anime Boston. The band responsible for the themes and insert songs for the likes of The Devil is a Part-Timer! and