King Baby Duck gets off the high of interviewing The World/Inferno Friendship Society frontman Jack Terricloth, taking time to clear the air in regards to some of the answers he gave to Jack's questions. A fiery rage spews through as news of Silent Hills gets cancelled, and why Dragon Ball Super should get its own simulcast dub like Space Dandy. Finally the Wicked Anime and Scarlet Rhapsody crew take part in a on-location recording as they share their thoughts on this year's Japan Festival Boston!


  1. noodles - Mellow Metallica (from the Booster single)
  2. Gackt - Black Stone (from the album DIABOLOS)
  3. Violent Femmes - Good For/At Nothing (from the Happy New Year EP) [available June 5]
  4. detroit7 - Rape Me (from the Nirvana tribute album All Apologies) [out of print]
  5. Miho Arakawa, Yoshiko Ikuta, & Nozomi Yamane - TERRITORY (CD single)
  6. Polaris - Hey Sandy (from the album Music from the Adventures of Pete & Pete)
  7. Ayumi Hamasaki - A Song For XX [Ferry Corsten Chilled Mix] (from the album Cyber Trance Presents Ayu Trance)
  8. RIP SLYME - Dandelion (from the album Master Piece[out of print]
  9. Aberdeen City - God Is Going To Get Sick Of Me (from the album The Freezing Atlantic)

Cook up some takoyaki and pour another appletini! It's No Borders No Race: Episode Hachi-Juu-Nana!

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