The Fleming Brothers of Wicked Anime show up to chat about their experiences with this year's Rhode Island Comic Con! The good, the bad, and brutal Street Fighter tournaments! Plus a cool company called Vinegar Syndrome is bringing back the grindhouse/exploitation films of yore, and KBD and the bros share their thoughts on the rough gem known as Raw Force!


  1. The Cro-Magnons - Spark! (from the album Gumbo Inferno)
  2. Anna Tsuchiya - zero (from the album strip me?)
  3. Robot Sex Music - Gangstas Drive Slow (from the compilation album Rhythmus Records Presents...)
  4. Bonnie Pink (feat. Craig David) - Fed Up (from the album One)
  5. the pillows - Prairie Rider (from the album Moondust)

Coming to you live from Warrior's Island, where the babes are hot and the zombies are not, it's No Borders No Race: Episode Roku-Juu-Kyu!

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