One look at Bugs Vs Tanks, and you are forgiven if you bat it away like it was shovelware. However once you find out that the mind behind this title is Keiji Inafune (Mega Man, Dead Rising), then your interest level may triple. However does Inafune's track record still hold strongly, or will Bugs Vs Tanks be considered mere cannon fodder?

A new game from Inafune's company Comcept Bugs Vs Tanks has you take control of a group of World War II German tanks, who have mysteriously shrunken to a tiny size. Their mission: to rendezvous with their Allies and find out why they have become so small. However the objective is easier said than done, as at every corner the tanks come across massive armies of insects that want to destroy you.

At first you'll come across mere ants and mosquitos, which are small and easy to take on. However sooner -- rather than later -- moths, caterpillars, termites, spiders, and other bugs will come hurdling towards you as you try to rescue fellow comrades, reach new destinations, gather supplies, and take on massive boss battles.

During your missions you will earn new upgrades for your tanks, from new kinds of ammo to camouflage to painted your armed machine with. On some occasions you will find abandoned tanks to bring back to your camp, which can be used for future missions. These came quite in handy during some of the tougher missions, especially when going up against a massive spider that didn't know when to quit.

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