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March 2013

After almost a year-and-a-half of waiting, our buddies from The Issues Program have finally gone live with their own Land of ESH page!

Lara Croft is a legend in the gaming world, influencing many developers and gamers alike. A strong independent woman, she gave female players a reason to believe that they can kick as much ass as their male counterparts. After a plethora of Tomb Raider games (and two Angelina Jolie-starring movies), Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have decided to press the reboot button, giving our heroine an origin story unlike anything we've ever seen in the series.

Those who pre-ordered either of the special editions for Bioshock Infinite will receive a free copy of the original soundtrack, composed by Garry Schyman (Bioshock series, Destroy All Humans series). Yesterday Irrational Games revealed the details of the game's score, which includes a song by its main characters.

Maybe it's because I entered it with the lowest expectations possible, or perhaps I've been so desensitized by the plethora of horrid movie-based video games seen by my own eyes, but my time with Aliens: Colonial Marines was mediocre at best. Is it a terrible game? Most definitely. The worst? Not quite. But can a game that promised the world but gave us only a tiny deserted island still have its fun moments?

It's that time of year again, and the King has made a very special mix of some of the artists to check out at this year's SXSW Festival!

The concept of a person hearing what everyone thinks has seen some success in the romantic comedy realm (What Women Want, anyone?), so it should be no surprise that someone in Japan would take this idea and run with it in so many directions. What I didn't count on is an anime series that reaches a sort of greatness that rivals even most American dramatic comedies. Such is the case of Kotoura-san, a show that may already be the clear winner of best comedy of 2013.