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October 2012

Recently The Debt popped up On Demand, a film dealing with Israeli secret agents trying to capture the Nazis that got away from Germany before being prosecuted.

Take some Dramamine, because it's time for another episode with the Bastards!

When one looks back at the games of yore many memories of fun, bedazzlement, and hearty feelings tend to rush through their minds. Once in a great while we as gamers are given the chance to relive some of those great titles of our youth, sometimes with a nice fresh coat of paint. Sega has been one of those game developers out there who has listened to the call of the fanbase, and for about roughly 72% of the time they respond back with something everyone can clamor over about.

The recent popularity of indie rockers Hunter Valentine is well-waranted. After two solid albums (one of which, Lessons From The Late Night, was one of the first great female-fronted rock albums of the decade) the newly-dubbed quartet managed to garner plenty of fame for their famous (or infamous) antics on the reality show The Real L Word. Now that the season is over, it's time for fans new and old to be reminded why a band such as this needs to exist on this planet. Collide and Conquer, their third album, does just that.

A musician of the simian kind joins the Bastards in an all-new episode.

Yesterday I went to the Phantom Gourmet Food Festival. It's a beautiful thing to pay for a ticket walk in and just start mowing, om-noming, and stuffing my face with food. Now I know why people in other countries hate Americans: it's because we have food festivals like this!