Next month SEGA fans everywhere will be able to go hands-on with two HD remakes of their beloved titles.

SEGA of America and SEGA of Europe have announced that both NiGHTS into dreams... and Sonic Adventure 2 will both be available on October 2 on PSN for $9.99, and on Xbox Live Arcade for 800 MSP. Fans will also be able to enhance their Sonic Adventure 2 experience with Battle Mode DLC for an additional $3.00/240 MSP, which includes more maps and characters from the Gamecube version of the title (including the popular Chao Karate). An added bonus for NiGHTS into dreams... includes free access to the 1996 holiday-themed expansion, Christmas NiGHTS, previously only available through a Saturn holiday bundle or special game & magazine promotions.

For more information on the upcoming NiGHTS into dreams... and Sonic Adventure 2 HD remakes, visit SEGA's official website.

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