It has taken Humble Hearts (AKA Dean Dodrill) over three years to makeĀ Dust: An Elysian Tail. How amazing it is that the video game work of roughly one man (and a couple others to help with voice acting, soundtrack, and scriptwriting) is more enjoyable than most games that take an army of developers and writers to create.

Dust follows a noble but amnesiac warrior as he takes upon the task to bring peace to the world of Falana. With his new trusty (and talking) sword -- known as the Blade of Ahrah -- and its winged cat-bat guardian Fidget, Dust is set out to rid the war-tortured plains of General Gaius and his non-remorseful army. As the game progresses Dust begins to remember who he is, and how the combined rights and wrongs of his past has made him what he is today. What he soon discovers fills him with guilt, but at the same time he discovers that the wrongdoings of his past will lead him to victory in the quest for tranquility.

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