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Blueonic's Adventure to King Richard's Faire!

Blueonic's Adventure to King Richard's Faire!

One day of a thousand memories, indeed! I can't believe I haven't gone sooner to this. Thanks to my awesome girlfriend we went to King Richard's Faire with a group of friends down in Carver, Massachusetts. Sadly I didn't have any real attire to wear to this, but I think I would've worn a kilt to show of my Irish, Scottish, and English (Welsh) heritage.

Here is the majestic entrance of King Richard's Faire. Upon entering you first get some verbal shenanigans, such as to hold on to your woman to avoid having her stolen. Of course the one guy turns and says I would not steal your woman due to you being so big and not being able to win a fight against me. Walking in you're just greeted by woods and buildings that sell jewelry, leather, rental clothes, food, glass blown sculptures, hats, and other cool items.

Walking by the carts or the little shops you kind of get heckled sometimes by the patrons who are trying to get you into their stores. I did get hit on by the horn lady, who said, "Remember: when you get a couple beers in you to come back and have fun with her soon!" That was interesting, but that's how the medieval times were. They used any attribute to draw you in for whatever they are selling, especially if you're drunk. Along with being heckled the girl said that I reminded her of her dad, walking away just like he did. It really made me feel bad, and I almost went back to go into the store just because of it. Talk about your guilt trips! That's the fun of it, though, as you get so caught up in the faire that you kind of got lost in the atmosphere of it all.

The first real event I got to check out was jousting, which was very entertaining. In the picture above was what I want to call the ringleader or host. He came out on this beautiful horse that I want to call Goliath, just because the horse was so massive. Then they had four other knights come out, and they divided the sections of the audience up to be the crowd for that knight. Of course my group of friends were in the section of the drunk/Scottish knight, which was hilarious because he kept calling his lance a candy cane object. Then he would be drinking in-between the events.

The first event they competed in had them knocking over a shield attached to a special wooden object. Then they had to obtain rings held out by their squires. Finally the knights got to the actual jousting, where they kept going around until one either got their shield knocked off or they didn't hit one another. The contact they made was pretty harsh because the lances they used were solid. It was our luck that our drunken knight won!

Next on the list of entertainment was the amazing, most creative show I've seen in person as a theatrical set up. It's the Mud Show. This was highly entertaining due to the fact that the hosts of the show seemed to be in competition for who was the dirtiest beggar of them all. The show split the crowd in two, one side being called Spartans and the other side undoubtly being called the Trojans. Depending on what side you were on, they would make you do a special chant. I don't want to go too far into telling you about how the Mud Show goes because it is that good. Hell, I feel like it could be turned into a Broadway play!

The humor of the Mud Show is great for adults, and it's over the heads of the little kids so they can get away with the crude or vulgar humor (as the kids just don't know any better). The two guys sputter sentences, fragments, play/eat/drink mud, and it's causing people to laugh. It's absolutely perfect for the kiddies, friends, and family to sit back and watch.

Another show I got to see with my friends was the Tiger Tale, which was visiting from Myrtle Beach. The only thing I have to say that was negative about the show was the drum introduction. It was nice, but I don't know if it was really good to set the mood in my opinion, but I guess it got the crowd going to see the array of animals they brought out. They brought out a small Bengal tiger that was probably as big as a boxer dog, then they started bring out unique tigers, one bigger then the next. I'd rather not ruin the other animals they had, but some were specially put together in their rarity and brought back almost from extinction.

For all you Napoleon Dynamite fans, in the picture above it's a real-life liger. It's a hybrid/cross-breed -- if you will -- of a tiger mixed with a lion. This Liger was over 900 pounds and about eleven feet tall when standing on the special platform. The amount of meat that they eat is more then a human can consume on a weekly-to-monthly basis. Again I can only leave it to you, the reader, to check this out if you get a chance to go to King Richard's Faire, or if you decide to travel to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


Another part of the atmosphere was all the little sideshows that went on, from juggling acts and what seemed to be self-torture (see picture above) to other fun and humorous-type things that may of happened back in medieval times. King Richard's Faire has probably one of the best setups I can honestly say I've been through, where you can walk and almost feel like your in theatrics of it all; especially if you go to the events in the attire of the time, and don't mind poping out some old proper English. This really is a place you can go and have some fun and enjoy the entertainment, food, beer, mead, and everything else they have to offer! It's a great place to bring the friends, family, and significant others to for some amazing entertainment.

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