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Looks Are Deceiving In Trapdoor's "Warp"

Looks Are Deceiving In Trapdoor's "Warp"

While hanging out with my pals from Gamer Reaction I came across a little-known title from EA Games and Trapdoor, a developer that recently came out of the woodwork. Named Warp the video game stars an adorable little robot that is trying to escape from his confines. Less than a minute into the demo what I saw blew my mind away.

Warp has you take control of the robot, who must use the power of warping through different rooms in order to make his escape. By finding safe spots in the room using the right stick you can travel through the rooms and find the quickest way to each checkpoint. Your robot can also warp through objects to get to areas a lot faster, as well as zap into generators to help frag them.

Around the early areas there were scientists, whose only response to you is to run around and panic. Here is where the twisted side of the game comes into fruition: you can warp inside of the human characters, and you have the option to either warp out and leave them dazed for a bit, or you can blow up inside of them. If you choose the latter be prepared to view one bloody mess of a death; one that will probably give Warp an M-rating when the time comes. You will also run across armed guards that will take you out with one shot, which is where you'll have to use some stealth techniques to sneak by them or sneak up on them to do a little internal wanton destruction.

The Warp demo ended as soon as the little robot was surrounded by guards in a large room of possible importance. As I type this I am trying to figure out how the cute little killing machine's going to get out of that pickle. Will I have to send him through the nearby generators and frag them, followed by some cunning stealth maneuvers to take the guards down; do I have to use the scientists in the room as something of a decoy against the guards; or is there another secret to Warp that has yet to be revealed?

Whatever the solution may be, what I've seen thus far in Warp has me clamoring for more. Trapdoor's first game is setting up to be one hell of an adventure, and could easily bring this previously-unknown developer into the bright limelight. According to their marketer Julia Pung the game is still in development, with a release date of "when it's ready." Once it's completed it will be released in the Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network and PC. Put Warp on your lookout list, as it has the capacity to be one of this year's best downloadable titles.

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