April 2010

And we'll keep on getting the crap kicked out of us till the end!

When it came to picking out one of my first PS3 games, one choice looked too good to resist: 2008's Mirror's Edge.

Cover bands are one of the many unsung heroes in the music industry. They play many fan favorites, get a good crowd going and work their asses off to ensure a great show. Here we salute this under-appreciated art form with an interview with Boston-based cover band Totally Inappropriate.

Some may be familiar with Sawa. If you've ever played the DS game The World Ends With You (or すばらしきこのせかい in Japanese) her vocals appears in three of the songs that are featured in the soundtrack. That was merely a taste of what listeners can expect from her eclectic debut album 333.

After over three weeks of being split apart, the original Bastard trio reunite.

For your viewing pleasure, B3 presents the two interview videos we shot at this year's PAX East with "Frobot" developer Andrew Lum and Hudson Entertainment.

At Anime Boston 2010, I sat down with not one, not two, but three very fun and interesting people: GaGaalinG's MyM, voice actor J. Michael Tatum and Hentai Dubbings host Dick Tripwire.

When the King's away, Blueonic & Anvil take the reins.