March 2010

So why is Episode 38 coming after 39? Who cares? It's a bonus episode starring Anvil and Nenya!

We got an email from Muzzy Lane, the guys behind Making History: The Calm and the Storm about four weeks back. I never heard of it until now, so I went out and bought the game. Damn, this is a great game!!! When I went up to the table at PAX East they were showing the new Making History 2.

The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya ElectricSistaHood of the Traveling Pants 2: Electric Boogaloo invade the B3 premises, and this time we are on location!

The final audio interview from PAX East 2010 (ironic since it was the first one we did) comes from Sam Houston, the Social Media Man from Perfect World Entertainment. What he had to show us kind of surprised us.

Blueonic and I chatted with legendary skater and Skate 3 producer Chris "Cuz" Perry in the PAX East Game Room. What he had to share was quite exciting.

On Friday we  sat down with Jason Pecho, one of the developers of the DePaul University-created Devil's Tuning Fork. What he had to show and say has given me hope that this game could be this year's Portal.

All I can say is this has been probably one of the greatest experience of my life. I have found a personality trait that I never knew I had. Dealing with a room full of thousands upon thousands of people, yet being able to talk face to face with promotion peoples, and also the game designers themselves.

At the D3 Publishing booth Blueonic & I chatted with Kaori Takasue, the company's Assistant Marketing Manager, about Puzzle Quest II.

This afternoon Blueonic & I chatted two-on-one with Tritton Technologies's Fred Schweer. What he had to show us blew our minds and ears away.