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March 2010

Attention Bastards and Wenches! The Duck and Blueonic have landed!

I was pretty much all set for PAX East this weekend. I had my list of developers I wanted to check out and chat with, as well as the panels that keened my interest. Then I got an email from a little-known developer called Fugazo Studios, who will be showcasing an upcoming WiiWare, PC and Mac game called Frobot. Let's just say that this under-the-radar title is something many gamers will be digging by year's end.

By the time you read this, Blueonic will already have control over most of Russia and South America.

I was one of many that was sad to see Death From Above 1979 break up years ago. They were a band that consisted of a bassist and a drummer making some of the most hardcore, heavy rocking tracks in a vein that not even Jack & Meg White could've attempted to do. I thought that it'd be years before another band like that would appear at my footstep. Fortunately I was wrong when Japanese band moja's self-titled debut album was placed in my hand.

As I sit here typing about what to expect at Boston's first Penny Arcade Expo (March 26th-28th at the Hynes Convention Center) I start to feel a tingle of excitement. Sure I've been to a couple cons before (from baseball card conventions when I was younger to Anime Boston now), but this is the first time myself and Blueonic will be attending a convention as people of the press. The thought of that both scares and entices me.

Only a dee-dee-dee wouldn't find this extra-lengthy episode entertaining!

We here at the Boston Bastard Brigade would like to present to you our next free live album.

Imperfections aside, Molice's second album is a fun and enjoyable listen that will certain keep fans new and old entertained,.