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"Frobot" Grooves Its Way Into PAX East

"Frobot" Grooves Its Way Into PAX East

I was pretty much all set for PAX East this weekend. I had my list of developers I wanted to check out and chat with, as well as the panels that keened my interest. Then I got an email from a little-known developer called Fugazo Studios, who will be showcasing an upcoming WiiWare, PC and Mac game called Frobot. Let's just say that this under-the-radar title is something many gamers will be digging by year's end.

In the game players play Frobot, an afro-wearing robot who is out to save his five "super fine girlfriends." Along the way Frobot must defeat other bad robots with energy blasts, lasers, bombs and disco balls of death (yes, you read that right). You will travel through twenty-five levels in five different environments, and near the end of each environment battle bosses in order to save his hos kept hostage. Players will also have to use their pimped-out weapons and sharp instincts to solve puzzles, along with using special boxes, teleporters, catapults and many other objects that'll either help or hinder your mack-daddy bot in his quest to rescue his honeys. (Think Bomberman, as played by Samuel L. Jackson.)

The official Frobot site offers players the chance to try out three levels from the upcoming game. Seeing as I don't own an actual mouse (other than the laptop touchpad) it was sometimes hard for me to aim, shoot and maneuver Frobot around the those jive-turkey baddies and obstacles. However after a few minutes of figuring out which button does what I managed to play this game with ease. The puzzle portions of Frobot add a lot of great challenges, as players will have to figure out where to aim their laser to open the doors; time just right when to blow up an obstacle; or figure out the precise moment when to shoot at two targets that need to be hit at the exact same time. In short, Frobot is so far not only turning out to be a bad-ass WiiWare game, but also a well-made exercise for the brain.

Blueonic and I will be meeting with the developers of Frobot at PAX East this weekend, but until we showcase them revealing their secrets, you can give the demo a try here. I guarantee that you'll be wanting to give the full title a go after you play it. If not, then Frobot's gonna have to choke a gamer.

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