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Evil Autumn - Autumn Acoustic

Evil Autumn - Autumn Acoustic

We here at the Boston Bastard Brigade would like to present to you our next free live album.

On March 3, 2010 local punk/alt. rock band Evil Autumn came into the WMWM Studios to perform a live acoustic set on the B3 radio show No Borders No Race. Here now for your listening pleasure is their entire set, along with in-betweens with the band and B3's King Baby Duck and Blueonic. The audio came out a lot better than expected, so it'll most definitely be well-suited for your ears.

The band:
Sarah Carter - Vocals
Chris Asselin - Guitar/Vocals

Mixed & Produced by King Baby Duck
Recorded in WMWM Studios, Salem, MA
Photos by Blueonic and King Baby Duck

  1. Intro
  2. Cortizone
  3. That's Swick! (MC 1)
  4. Bastard Brother
  5. Three Bottles of Water (MC 2)
  6. Alone
  7. Salem Rock Venue (MC 3)
  8. Until I Die
  9. The Song That Started It All (MC 4)
  10. Substance
  11. Dinner And A Movie (MC 5)
  12. Genocide
  13. Poke the Guitarist! (MC 6)
  14. Scared And Dead
  15. Glowing Ninja (MC 7)
  16. Daddy's Gone
  17. Stewart (MC 8 )
  18. Mirror
  19. One Cover (MC 9)
  20. I Will Follow You Into The Dark (Death Cab For Cutie cover)
  21. Outro


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