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No Borders No Race: Episode Hachi-Juu-Ni

Rashed Mokdad (AKA The Arab Gamer) of VGStaTionS and King Sparkileptic of The Region2 Show drop in on this week's show...

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KBD's Top Ten Video Games Of 2012 (And The Five Worst)

With 2013 gaming now about to start it's time we look back at the games we remember both fondly and...

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Episode CLXVII: Fruit Fuckers Anonymous

As we are closing off 2012 and entering the new year, it would be wise to mention that we do...

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"Spec Ops: The Line" Offers New Perspective Into War-Based Gaming

Union general William Tecumseh Sherman once said, "War is Hell." Gamers who have spent countless hours on any Call of...

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