Max Payne

KBD's Top Ten Video Games Of 2012 (And The Five Worst)

With 2013 gaming now about to start it's time we look back at the games we remember both fondly and...

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Episode CXLVIII: Gaming Resistance Is Futile!!!

It's another super-sized Podcast episode. All gaming, some tangents! Plus the Issues Guy joins in on the fun!

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Episode CXLI: Operation: Chicken Burrito

Can you sink the Bastards' battleship? Statistics

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Blueonic Unboxes "Max Payne 3"

While in his Bomb Shelter, Blueonic was able to crack open the special edition of Max Payne 3. Check out...

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Rockstar Games Brings the "Payne" at PAX East - Part One

For the press hour we were able to book it right over to the awesomeness of Rockstar Studios, where we...

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"Max Payne 3" Trailer Emerges

After years of waiting, footage from Rockstar's upcoming Max Payne sequel has arrived.

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