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"Colonial Marines" Promises To Make Third "Alien" Movie Better

This movie-based game won't be your fish 'n chips Colonial Marines; this is the Marines in space. I wasn't expecting...

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Duke Nukem: Hail to the...WTF!

The Duke of the Nuke has returned with Duke Nukem Forever, tracking the good, the bad and the fugly with...

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"Duke Nukem Forever" Delayed To June 14

Those wanting to get their hands on Duke Nukem Forever on May 3rd will have to wait another month.

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"Duke Nukem Forever": Return of the King!

I've been a follower of the Duke Nukem franchise since its 2D, orange-skined days, and the news of Duke Nukem...

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Episode LXII: You Just Fucked With The Wrong Mexican!

The Bastards kill the bad guys dead!

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