New "Lupin III" Series In The Works? (UPDATED 2)

Lock up your jewels, stacks of money, and women. Japan's most famous thief might just be coming back in full...

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Set Sail With Some Anime "Space Pirates"

Any anime that allows itself to be dubbed Bodacious Space Pirates in English would easily be scrutinized; after all, no...

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Funny Cat Girl "Bombshells" Tries Not To Be A Dud

If there's one thing anime tends to never run out of, it's cat girls. From Moonphase and Soul Eater to...

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Episode CXXIV: Once A Bitch, Always A Canuck

A brand-new year, a brand-new episode!

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Revamped "Enma-Kun" Brings Ecchi, Worthwhile Hilarity

When it comes to influential mangaka, Go Nagai ranks near the top with the likes of Monkey Punch and Osamu...

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Palencia & Esposito Heal Musically With "The Troubadoors"

When she isn't voicing a diabetic frog or an apple-loving wolf deity, Brina Palencia works with her friend Haley Esposito on...

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"Squid Girl" Sequel Swims Onward With Adorable Comedy

Last fall Squid Girl premiered to the world (at least the parts who had Crunchyroll), bringing in many laughs and...

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Episode CIX: Breaking Bones With Warhammers

The B3 crew punched Hurricane Irene in the face to bring you an all-new episode!

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Episode CVIII: Going Commando On The Cold War

Music, anime, movies, games and sports! It's a big-assed smorgasbord on this new episode of the B3 show!

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Two-On-One: girugamesh

(from left-to-right: Satoshi, Nii, Shuu and Яyo) With huge assistance from Melissa Castor (and additional help from Lydia Michalitsianos) from Jrock...

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