King Baby Duck

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Episode LXXXIX: Mmm...Korean Barbecue!!!

Be on the lookout for any horrible musicians who slur their lyrics! They might get undeserved critical praise.

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"Duke Nukem Forever" Delayed To June 14

Those wanting to get their hands on Duke Nukem Forever on May 3rd will have to wait another month.

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To A Point, Web-Slinger Shatters Expectations

The gaming world of Spider-Man has had its ups and downs, and to be blunt it's always been more on...

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Episode LXXXVIII: And Starring Gary Busey As Stryker!

After a week off the Bastards return to the roundtable! It most pleases the Busey.

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"Bound" For Freedom, In Glorious Rock 'N' Roll Fashion

It's a risk adapting a classic Greek tragedy into a modern-day society; even more so if you transform it into...

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All Ears On Turtle Beach At PAX

Literally at the center of PAX East showroom was Turtle Beach, one of the top headset companies in the world....

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Boston's Demiurge Studios Want You To "Shoot Many Robots"

On hand at PAX East this past weekend was Bostonian developer Demiurge Studios, who in the past has worked closely...

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No Podcast This Week

As you can probably tell with all the craziness happening at PAX East this weekend the Boston Bastard Brigade did...

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"Swarm": So Cute You'll Wanna Destroy Them!

How does one describe the upcoming Hothead/UTV Ignition title Swarm? A little Lemmings here, some Overlord there and a big...

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Looks Are Deceiving In Trapdoor's "Warp"

While hanging out with my pals from Gamer Reaction I came across a little-known title from EA Games and Trapdoor,...

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