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In the last few years, virtual reality has evolved greatly. Granted, it still hasn’t reached the same level of immersive-ness that was promised in Sword Art Online (or maybe that’s a good thing?), but titles like Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say. For mage Foolie Dent, beauty is found via strength, bravery, and great abs! Hence why he has fallen head over heels in love with Leo Cornelia, the strongest lady knight

Do you want a taste of the funk?! Then do what Sabatta says and "Get Your Shit Together"! His latest album How to Get Even is part funkadelic, part rock spectacle, and part soul soother. Together, the sound that bleeds

Sometimes an author has got to prove the worth of their secondary characters. Although Kaiju No. 8 has its fair share of strong heroes, this is still Kafka’s story. Because of this, readers will be lead to think that any

It’s a premise that would make any woman smirk: what if men could get pregnant? This sort of argument is brought up every time a law comes around to try to sheriff a woman’s right to her own body. After

WARNING: The following video game discussed in this review is intended for readers 18 & older. In other words: (Pic from FlorkOfCows) It takes gumption to make a solid Metroidvania; it also takes a unique and dirty mind to craft a solid

Finally, after a long journey, Kenshiro and Raoh will fight for Yuria. Yes, as it turns out, the one woman both men loved most was still alive. It makes their battle worth more than they ever could imagine, and as

The Duck Amuck in Japan gang gives thanks to a new episode, even though King Baby Duck's Thanksgiving food selections are very, very slim. Our Japan resident stumbles upon a secret Banksy shop close to his apartment, and AFLM's favorite

The hot springs are a great place to let everything out in the open, both literally and figuratively. Its warm water and beautiful scenery brings a level of comfort that allows anyone to relax and talk about anything that’s on

One of the great things about Love's in Sight! is how it shows that anyone can overcome their disability. Whether it’s day-to-day routines or even dating, Yukiko and her fellow sight-impaired friends keep proving that they have the skills and