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MANGA REVIEW | "Kaiju No. 8" - Volume Eight

MANGA REVIEW | "Kaiju No. 8" - Volume Eight

Sometimes an author has got to prove the worth of their secondary characters. Although Kaiju No. 8 has its fair share of strong heroes, this is still Kafka’s story. Because of this, readers will be lead to think that any mission showcased here can’t be done without Kafka delivering a finishing blow. But don’t be telling that to Reno and Ichikawa, whose mission takes up the majority of Kaiju No. 8’s eighth volume.

Ichikawa tries his hand with the No. 6 suit after Reno fails to link with it. The duo are put on a test mission, as they deal with a Honju Kaiju. As Reno and Ichikawa are put to task, many scientists keep a keen eye on their vital signs. What they discover during this mission is a baffling display of power and adrenaline.

A lot of this mission goes the route of show, don’t tell. And for something as action-packed as Kaiju No. 8, it’s the right thing to do. Where Naoya Matsumoto shines is in his unique art style, which brings a clean look to a violent and gritty story. While the narrative has its strong points, it never reaches the same level as the visuals always have.

However, that’s not to say that the story is weak. Quite the contrary, this fight with the Honju Kaiju allows readers to dive deeper into the mentalities of two B-ranked characters. The feeling of not being good enough to satisfy his higher-ups is strong in Reno, especially after he failed to link with the suit. That mindset weighs him down, during a time where having a deep mind dive isn’t exactly a good idea. Thankfully, Ichikawa is the kind of guy who’ll trust his comrades, even on a bad day, resulting in a buddy mission that delivers kick-ass attacks and fatal blows to the enemy on hand.

Of course, we still need to check on Kafka after his most recent mission. Understandably, he’s worried that he himself can’t fight the enemy, fearing that the army will put it all on his Kaiju No. 8 powers. Again, it takes an ally to put his mind back on track, with Vice-Captain Hoshina being the one to deliver that confidence. He also gives him a good beatdown during training, but not without some compliments to keep his spirits up.

If there’s one thing that Kaiju No. 8 has gotten good at, it’s proving the worth of those around Kafka. Volume Eight showcases this strongly not just with Reno and Ichikawa’s mission, but also through Hoshina’s words of wisdom. While many shonen manga like to surround the so-called hero with many weaker side characters, Matsumoto shows that there isn’t a single wimp to be found within the Anti-Kaiju Defense Force. With characters this strong, one can bet that Kaiju No. 8 will show readers that super-powered characters aren’t the only ones capable of vanquishing the evils of the world.


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