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MANGA REVIEW | "Fist of the North Star" - Volume Ten

MANGA REVIEW | "Fist of the North Star" - Volume Ten

Finally, after a long journey, Kenshiro and Raoh will fight for Yuria. Yes, as it turns out, the one woman both men loved most was still alive. It makes their battle worth more than they ever could imagine, and as the tenth volume of Fist of the North Star shows, their clash is one for the ages.

However, neither Kenshiro nor Raoh are ready to face one another. Kenshiro lacks the strength, whereas Raoh lacks the skills. Although the latter certainly can defeat Kenshiro, he lacks one feeling: sorrow. Without the pain of losing something close to his heart, he can never be a great warrior. And that’s what makes Kenshiro the greatest fighter: he’s seen all, done all, and felt all.

It’s a situation that calls for drastic measures. A face-off with Fudo reveals what kind of devil the protector of children once was. As one can guess, it was Yuria who helped to bring an appreciation for life out of the once-killer of everything. But now, in his fight with Raoh, he’s got something worthy to protect. Fudo and Raoh face off in a way that not only showcases their physical strengths, but their emotional ones too.

Despite its brutality, Fist of the North Star has always been about heart and emotion. These two elements make for the greatest hero. Throughout Kenshiro’s adventure, nothing that he’s done has been without him giving his heart and soul into every action. And the same can be said about Fudo, who’ll do anything to protect the children that look up to him as a father. It’s this aspect that spells Raoh’s loss, even if just an emotional defeat.

Nay, it’s the one-on-one with Kenshiro where the writing finally appears on the walls. After Raoh seemingly does the unthinkable, both he and Kenshiro face off in a battle that brings them back to their childhood. What were once two kids sparring has now transformed into two men giving everything they’ve got. Muscles explode, blood spews, and tears run down the faces of these two massive warriors.

It’s odd: this battle felt like a grand finale. As someone who has never read Fist of the North Star before, I have absolutely no idea where this story can go from here. Everything was building up to Kenshiro’s fight with Raoh, and with Yuria back in the mix, there is a sense of conclusion to this arc. And without spoiling anything, the end of this volume gives these characters what they’ve deserved this entire time.

No matter. Volume Ten demonstrated why Fist of the North Star is one of the greatest manga ever written. The fights, the emotion, the man tears, and its final panels showcase everything that makes this a series every shonen lover needs to read. Still, the question remains: where do we go from here?


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