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MANGA REVIEW | "The Way of the Househusband" - Volume Ten

MANGA REVIEW | "The Way of the Househusband" - Volume Ten

I thought The Way of the Househusband had lost its luster. Its last two volumes showcased a drop in the quality of its stories and comedy. However, the Immortal Dragon has somehow become a phoenix, rising from its own ashes and delivering some of its funniest material yet. And a good reason for that is due to the new characters showcased in Volume Ten.

Per usual, the spotlight is on Tatsu and his yakuza years affecting his daily life. Hired to guard a supermarket, the Immortal Dragon catches a shoplifter who aimed to make himself a free takoyaki meal. Seeing the old burglar squirm while surrounded by legit bad men showcases some hilarious visuals, with Tatsu’s suggestion of how he should redeem himself being both cold-blooded and funny. However, it’s the introduction of his former boss’s grandkid An when the highlights of the tenth volume come into focus.

Tasked to cook her a meal, Tatsu finds himself leaning towards adult food. Each time he pulls out a dish, A delivers a reaction that’s filled with rich, detailed personality. At times, she comes off as a Food Wars character, with her descriptions of the food she’s served sounding like they’re coming from a shokugeki judge. But the real hilarity involves her playing a game of "Boss in a Barrel", with the character ready to launch looking exactly like her crime boss grandpa. (Needless to say, how everyone else reacts to their time playing it is priceless.)

One of the things I never expected from The Way of the Househusband is a smug side to Tatsu. In a chapter where he’s quit smoking, he rubs in everyone’s faces that he hasn’t had a cigarette in a week. But he’s overpowered by two others with a far-better tobacco-free record. Winning a motorized bicycle also makes Tatsu feel high and mighty, only for his former boss to one-up him with his recent purchase. Although the Immortal Dragon claims the environmentally ethical high ground, one could easily imagine tear up when he sees the kind of vehicle the former boss is touting.

Hilarity also comes around when Tatsu’s lending a helping hand. From aiding a neighbor with dieting to finding a lost cat, the Immortal Dragon has a way with words and actions that contradict with his kind ways. Of course, seeing other former (and even current) yakuza get their comeuppance in unique ways adds to the comedy of this volume. (Heck, he even finds a way to do this in an Animal Crossing parody, one that surprisingly has less money shakedowns than the actual game!)

Volume Ten of The Way of the Househusband made me laugh hard many times over. It makes up for the subpar material showcased in the last volume, and it demonstrates why some of the best bits involve Tatsu and the youth. While it could be a fluke of some sort, one can hope that the magic of The Way of the Househusband has returned. At the very least, it’s a grand return worthy of having a takoyaki party over.


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