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MANGA REVIEW | "Rooster Fighter" - Volume Four

MANGA REVIEW | "Rooster Fighter" - Volume Four

If you had told me that one of the most exciting action manga of the last few years would be poultry-themed, I would’ve sent you to the loony bin! But here we are with Shu Sakuratani’s Rooster Fighter, a series that keeps on delivering one knockout of a chapter after another. Not only does it deliver high-octane fights and side-splitting humor, but it also has a deep story. And in its fourth volume, some answers about the demons start to be unveiled.

The aftermath of the dam bursting sees Keiji touted as a hero. But he couldn’t have done it without the kind demon Morio, who put his body on the line for the people. What was first seen as a sacrifice is instead greeted with joy at the sight of the demon alive, with Keiji glowing with happiness. However, after Keiji, Elizabeth, and Chicken Little leave, tragedy strikes thanks to a mysterious woman with strange powers.

Although nothing huge action-wise happens in the chapter, seeing Keiji be treated as warrior for the people is good to see. It’s also nice seeing him and Elizabeth change their tune about demons, as they now realize not every one of them is out to destroy their world. Yet it’s sad to see what happens to Morio, as it makes it look like he’s punished for his noble deeds. And what of this strange woman? Well...that’s a card that’s yet to be fully revealed.

After these events, Rooster Fighter leans more into its comedic side. Keiji is coerced into joining a group date with pigeons, with the three single cooing girls having zero interest in the chicken. Even with both Elizabeth and Chicken Little’s aid, he keeps on striking out on what is simply a favor for two lovesick pigeons. But once his true colors are revealed, the female pigeons can’t help but feel smitten over Keiji’s rooster-ly-ness. Hilariously, Elizabeth puts a cork into Keiji’s success with one mere sentence.

One strange thing about this manga is how very little Chicken Little has changed since its beginning. It’s a realization that has Keiji and Elizabeth keeping a watchful eye on the little chick, even when he sets off to protect a lizard from a gang of bad reptiles. (As you can imagine, one of the lizards isn’t all that they appear to be.) But Rooster Fighter pushes Chicken Little’s story aside for a bit of a shocker: Keiji has a brother!

Okay, half-brother, but Keisuke shows that he has plenty of skills. In fact, his sparring session with Keiji results in a shocking conclusion, as a tale of their father is told. Keisuke’s narrative shows that there’s a bigger threat besides demons, and they’re the reason why their father is being held captive by them. However, Keiji wants nothing to do with his deadbeat father, until it’s revealed that he’s the key to stopping this whole demon situation. On top of that, a familiar face is wreaking havoc close by, with Keiji wondering what’s going on!

Even with its weird premise, Rooster Fighter finds ways to grab hold of its audience’s attention. It’s action-packed, hilarious, and delivers a story that has a shocking amount of heart. Whoever Shu Sakuratani really is (I have my guesses), he has a real knack for balancing ridiculousness and the fighting spirit on every page. Now that a new threat has arrived, one will hope that we’ll see half-blood siblings deliver a beat down that has never been seen in manga (or even comics) before!


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