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GAME REVIEW | Sisters Take Over in Latest "Neptunia" Adventure

GAME REVIEW | Sisters Take Over in Latest "Neptunia" Adventure

It’s interesting how the Neptunia games have evolved throughout these years. Originally created as a satire on the console wars, the series has given birth to various spinoffs, throwbacks, anime series, and even crossovers. Neptunia: Sisters Vs. Sisters is something of a new step for the franchise, as it takes on the modern war between consoles, PCs, and smartphones. But does it hit all of the right marks?

The story begins with the sisters of the main characters going out on a quest. However, they are trapped in a sleep capsule, and awaken two years later. Nepgear, Uni, and the twins Rom & Ram find that Neptune has been missing, and that the world is now dominated by tech known as rPhone. With the aid of goddesses Vert, Noire, and Blanc, the sisters set out to figure out what’s been going on in the world of Gamindustri.

Sisters Vs. Sisters takes on the role of an action RPG, where parties of three battle monsters in their vicinity. When timing hits properly, players will be able to initiate combos, which will make defeating enemies quicker and more efficient. These combos are necessary, as the enemies can range from being either quick to handle or — in many cases — a challenge and-a-half! It’s the tougher battles that occur that make me think of Monster Hunter, as you’ll no doubt be hacking, slashing, and making magic countless times until an enemy is defeated.

One of the neat things about how skills work is found in the Disc System. By finding certain objects, players can combine them to craft stat-boosting attachments. Depending on the game genre, character, and item you combine them with, you can find new secrets and even some cool power-ups that’ll help with even the tougher boss battles. If you need just an extra bit of boost, characters not on the main team can act as support to give the main trio some much-needed power and stats.

However, it can sometimes be hard to notice if/when a power up gives you an upper hand. When fighting, it’s not exactly clear how powerful an enemy is until you measure how long it takes to defeat them. You’ll see their level, but their HP can sometimes be hard to measure. Only in boss battles do you legit see a health bar, as it lowers in slow paces with every hit you make.

It’s this aspect that makes it difficult to strategize in Neptunia: Sisters Vs. Sisters. When you’re focusing so much on making proper hits and combos, it can be tough to notice what exactly works with each enemy you face. You think you’re prepared to face off familiar foes, only to be greeted with a hit that depletes your health to a dangerous level! This happened to me on many occasions, as I kept switching around Discs and support members until I got some sort of combination right.

Fortunately, the game is padded with a very neat take on modern tech culture. Jokes about people being stuck on phones, online toxicity on “Chirper”, and even the camaraderie between the sisters and allies is both fun and refreshing. With that being said, there will be some times where you’ll spend a very, very long time reading and watching cutscenes. These moments can take you out of the action sometime, especially with the fact that they’re not brought to life in ways that’ll grab your attention (unlike, say, the Yakuza series).

For those looking for more to do outside of the main campaign, “Chirper” has you covered! Via its Notifications center, players can find side quests that’ll help reward them with health aids and items to be used for the Disc System. For these, you’ll either have to gather a certain number of items or defeat specific enemies. These quests can also help with leveling your character up quicker, so as to be more prepared for the tougher fights in the story.

However, this does lead me towards my main issue with Neptunia: Sisters Vs. Sisters: its overall gameplay. Many of the missions and battles can feel overly repetitive, to the point where it can get boring here and there. There can be a level of excitement when you initiate a Goddess Transformation, especially when using the EXE Drive. Sadly, it takes a long time to fill up that goddess gauge, making this move one you’d only use during a big boss fight and nowhere else.


  • Unique take on modern tech culture
  • Good combo system
  • Fights deliver a good challenge…


  • …but it’s tough to figure out an enemy’s strength/power
  • Repetitive battles
  • Cutscenes can go too long


Neptunia: Sisters Vs. Sisters is a good step forward for the franchise. However, it needs to figure out how to drag its fights out more without them feeling tedious. If they can put the same effort they place in their narratives into the battle system, then Neptunia will easily have a bright future on this generation of consoles, PC, and smartphones.


Promotional consideration provided by Idea Factory International. Reviewed on the PS4.

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