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GAME REVIEW | "Dimension Tripper" a "TOP NEP" Tier Throwback

GAME REVIEW | "Dimension Tripper" a "TOP NEP" Tier Throwback

When you think of classic arcade rail shooters, the one that stands out most is Space Harrier. It was a game that literally threw everything at you to make sure you failed, but with enough skills, you’d be able to come out victorious. Sadly, the days of arcade rail shooters are long gone, drowned out by the louder, more realistic arcade games of today. Thankfully, Idea Factory didn’t get the memo, as they bring their Neptunia franchise to the classic realm in Dimension Tripper Neptune: TOP NEP.

TOP NEP is a fairly easy game to describe. Taking control of Older Neptune, players will fly through five levels and shoot ‘n’ slice their way through nonstop enemies. From giant eggplants to dragons, the foes that will come at you will attempt to lower your HP until you are dead. However, if you collect enough coins, you might just be able to call in for some backup.

Taking on Dimension Tripper Neptune is pretty much a cinch. Either holding down the shoot button or constantly swinging your sword will take care of most enemies. With that being said, while controlling the game is easy, the game itself isn’t. Once you get past the second level, the difficulty spikes, as enemies come at you from all sides. If you die while playing in Normal mode, you can sacrifice points to continue onward; die Hard, and start all the way back to the beginning!

The game is not that difficult to master if playing on Normal Mode, as sacrificing points is akin to putting another quarter in the machine. Once you figure out enemy patterns, you’ll be able to master boss levels and any of the more tougher enemies that’ll fly at you. But don’t knock TOP NEP if it takes a more simple route with its gameplay; embrace its nostalgia, as it captures an 80s arcade game visually, audibly, and spiritually.

On Normal mode, Dimension Tripper Neptune can be beaten in about 15 minutes. Yes, it’s a short ride, but it has plenty of replay value. Once completed, one can try to top their previous score, as well attempt claim Steam Achievements such as “No damage clear” and “Coin master”.


  • Classic rail shooter gameplay
  • Nostalgic visuals & sounds
  • Solid game difficulty


  • Might be too short for newcomers


Dimension Tripper Neptune: TOP NEP is a fun throwback to arcade classics of old. Even if you’ve never played a Neptunia game, and you crave a quick trip down memory lane, then this game has your number! Even if you can beat it in a time that’s less than the length of an average pizza delivery, Dimension Tripper Neptune: TOP NEP is nevertheless a worthy Space Harrier successor!


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