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Shameless Tuesdays: Livre 73 | Keeley

Shameless Tuesdays: Livre 73 | Keeley

Be it via their music or even their online chronicles, Ireland's Keeley seeks answers for one of their country's darkest mysteries. The questions they ask involve a strange murder from 1988, involving German tourist Inga Maria Hauser. As the case continues onward, Keeley aims to keep Hauser's memory alive. One such way is through Keeley's debut EP Brave Warrior, where the victim plays an instrumental role in its lyrics. Encompassing these haunting lyrics is a mixture of psychedelic rock and indie dream pop, crafting an EP that's both bouncy and tragic. We're delighted to have Keeley bring forth a massive Shameless Tuesdays playlist for your ears to enjoy!

Here's what Keeley has to say about this week's playlist:

Magic. Music. It's the only thing that's true.

It's the only thing I do. It's what I am. It's all I can.

It's the balm for my worldly wounds. It's the scorching force that sears but somehow also soothes.

My name is Keeley. Cut me and I bleed Indie. I'm a Psychedelic Dreampop Krautrock Indie-Rock Post-Punk Motown Junk Electronica sonic boffin who's always Psych-Poppin'. My debut EP Brave Warrior is out NOW on the London-based indie label Dimple Discs, a label that shape-shifts, takes risks and on which I'm makin' the hits!

This playlist is entitled '40 Bloomin' Beauties! Keeley's Fresh Finds'. It's crammed with gems and jams, with a particular emphasis on the New and the Now. Forty emerging urchins who are surging urgently and searching earnestly.

I hope that you like it. and I like that you hope it.
It's an eclectic escalator that takes you up, up, up and away! If you allow it. If you here-and-now it. If you hear and have it. So have it! For the finds are FOUND. The sights, the sounds.

It's all I can.

It's what I am.

It's the only thing I do.

It's the only thing that's true.




For more information on Keeley, visit their official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Check out their Brave Warrior EP below via their Bandcamp!

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