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Shameless Tuesdays: Livre 39 |The Mystery Plan

Shameless Tuesdays: Livre 39 |The Mystery Plan

Imagine the Grateful Dead jamming with Brian Wilson and Nujabes in some martini-stained lounge. Next song up: Massive Attack jamming with Brandy. But wait, who could be playing? It's all The Mystery Plan...

Fronted by Jason Herring, the Charlotte-based jammers craft a smooth vibe with gorgeously mellow beats and harmonies. Their upcoming album Zsa Zsa (no, there isn't one called "Eva" to compliment it...yet!) blasts pop, funk, jazz, and hippie-era rock into one tight record, bringing forth a level of eclectic style that leaves the band genre-free and easy. To get the groove going before its April 3rd release, The Mystery Plan lets out its secrets in the form of a Shameless Tuesdays playlist!

Here's what Jason has to say about this week's playlist, which has a couple of familiar faces from Shameless Tuesdays past...:

I've lived in both North and South Carolina, and have always been amazed by the talent in our region. The purpose of Ten Millimeter Omega Recordings has always been to make sure more people have access to the brilliance around us. The playlist I have made features artists from Charleston, SC, to Raleigh, NC. From Trip-Hop, to bluesy country music. Its all here. Listed below are the Artists, and where they are from.

Featured artists include:

The Mystery Plan, Charlotte NC
Alt-CTRL-Sleep , Charlotte NC
Dirty Art Club, Charlotte NC
the Interstellars, Charlotte NC
Rosebuds, Raleigh, NC
the Veldt, Chapel Hill, NC
Muchacho, Charlotte NC
Fetchin' Bones, Charlotte NC
Farfalla, Charlotte NC
Grace Joyner, Charleston SC
Dirty Drummer, Charlotte NC
Cement Stars, Charlotte NC
Jah Freedom, Charlotte, NC
Heart of a Ghost, Charlotte NC
Washed Out, Columbia SC
Ania, Rock Hill, SC
Sinners and Saints, Charlotte NC
Winfield, Chapel Hill NC
Morning Bells, Raleigh NC
Crooked Ghost, Asheville NC
Polly Panic, Asheville NC

For more information on The Mystery Plan, visit their official Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Preorder their upcoming album Zsa Zsa here (in stores April 3rd) via their Bandcamp!

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