Can Italy save rock & roll? That thought crossed my mind when I first heard Elizabeth The Second, a balls-to-the-wall trio of badasses whose sound shook me to the core! Reminiscent of Louis XIV and Jet, guitarist/vocalist Ben Moro, bassist Michele Venturini, and drummer Luca Gallato thrust their pelvises with zero care, as the aroma of cigarettes and terribly fun decisions seep through the speakers. Their debut EP Two Margaritas at the Fifty Five arrives on November 9th, with their eyes set to rejuvenate old-school rock & roll in ways that made wary parents fear that the sounds of radio were becoming too pornographic. And to celebrate their first step of bringing this sound back, Elizabeth The Second are injecting their "terrible" influence on this week's Shameless Tuesdays!

Here's what Elizabeth The Second has to say about this week's playlist:

Alternave rock is a multi-faceted genre and therefore it is worth listening to. Something that once known is addictive. This is a playlist full of alternative rock content by contemporary groups, many of which are still emerging. A mixture of genres that is good for the elasticity of your mind. You will certainly find some known names, and others that are worth being known. "Rev Rev Rev" for example are some of our Italian friends, from Modena, who propose an acid and pounding Shoegaze, while the "Weird Milk" are vocally confirmed as one of the best emerging groups based in London. A playlist to shoot at full volume in your ears, seeing is believing. Grazie! Ciao!

For more information on Elizabeth The Second, visit their official Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Preorder their debut EP Two Margaritas at the Fifty Five here via their Bandcamp!

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