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Shameless Tuesdays: Livre 28 | Figure Walking

Shameless Tuesdays: Livre 28 | Figure Walking

A lot of power can be delivered via a two-man band. This has been evident by the likes of The White Stripes, Death From Above 1979, and Blood Red Shoes. Canadian duo Figure Walking like to keep things simple via Rob Gardiner's dum playing, but its explosive dynamic can be found in the loud guitars and prideful vocals of Greg Macpherson. Together, the two of them make sounds that fit perfectly with greeting the reddest of suns and the whitest of moons. To celebrate their recent collaboration with Tulipomania & Richard Hartline on a remix of "Blue World", Figure Walking are shaking Shameless Tuesdays awake with a special collection of music!

Here's what Greg Macpherson has to say about this week's playlist:

Figure Walking is a long distance band; we live in a city called Winnipeg, a mile or so from the longitudinal centre of the continent and anywhere, everywhere is far away. This playlist will be our soundtrack to a 38 hour drive at the end of July: from Winnipeg an hour south through Pembina, ND - 12 hours to Chicago - 5 more to Port Huron, MI - and then 19 hours east to Nova Scotia. These are songs to play loud with the windows open, any time of the day or night.

This summer the north is on fire, from the tree-line to the ancient lakes, Manitoba is choking; air-quality warnings vibrating at the side of our screens, and climate scientists throwing up their hands in bewilderment. I'm not sure how many more of these 38 hour drives we can justify, not in a gas powered vehicle, not with a preventable apocalypse glaring down at us through the smoke - a dark yellow moon like a big, angry eye on the horizon.

With this playlist of roots and rock and rebel music as our soundtrack this summer, we'll weave through 12 lanes of interstate in Illinois, keeping an eye on the engine temperature as the heat outside rises, stopping for gas at the edge of a city with our patience wearing thin and anxiety on the rise society-wide. We'll buckle ourselves into these songs, we'll turn up the bass a little in every town and look for hope in the lyrics and on the faces of strangers.

This playlist is equal parts slowing down and speeding up. Sounds that tailgate us for 50 miles and cut us off at a turnpike, others that dive out of the woods and stand on the shoulder, the most beautiful eyes we've ever seen.

For more information on Figure Walking, visit their official website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Check out their "Blue World" remix single below via their Bandcamp!

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