The South By Southwest Festival is now underway in Austin, Texas, and King Baby Duck has got a special playlist in store for those who are down there ready to rock out. No usual banter, no reviews, just some great music from some incredibly talented artists from Japan, Korea, the US, and the UK!


  1. GRMLN - Do You Know How It Feels? (from the album Empire)
  2. Crying Nut - Speed Up Losers (from the album Speed Up Losers)
  3. Starmarie - The Three-starred Restaurant -Paul's invitation (digital single)
  4. Dirty Vegas - Days Go By (from the album Dirty Vegas)
  5. Rock 'N Roll Radio - Shut Up and Dance (from the album Shut Up and Dance)
  6. Sentimental City Romance - Sun Sunny Friend (from the album Yattokame)
  7. Against Me! -  FuckMyLife666 (from the EP True Trans)
  8. No Brain - Your Crush on Me (from the EP Stand Up Again)
  9. ZARIGANI$ - Jhonny (from the mini-album Dead Bird)
  10. Hollow Jan - Empty (from the album Rough Draft In Progress)
  11. Red Bacteria Vacuum - Horror Samba (from the album Dolly Dolly, make an epoch)
  12. Matisyahu - Smash Lies (from the album Light)
  13. [Champagne] - Starrrrrrr (from the album Me No Do Karate.)

Check it out here on No Borders No Race: The SXSW 2014 Edition!

Official Japan Nite Tour Page

The Boston Bastard Brigade kindly encourages you to support these artists, and buy their songs/album. You can find the majority of these releases on,, iTunes, the bands' official websites & Bandcamps, and (in some cases) at your local record stores.

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