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Space Is A Lonesome Place On The "Damrey"

Space Is A Lonesome Place On The "Damrey"

You are locked in a sleep chamber. The computer has no data on you or why you're in there, but it won't let you out. What's more, you have amnesia, and have no idea how to function properly.

This is the world of The Starship Damrey, a new game from Level-5 as part of the Guild02 3DS series.

As the game begins a message appears for the player: "This game contains no tutorials or explanations. Part of the experience is to discover things for yourself." This means in order to find out how things work and what you should do with them you'll need to go the route of the ole trial-and-error. For the most part of the game you control one of the ship's AR robots as you make your way through the hollowed ship and solve many of its puzzling elements.

As the game progresses you will come across many locked doors and blocked pathways. Many times you will need to find keycards on the bodies of the deceased crew members, which will give you access to some of these rooms. Other times you'll have to take down a rogue robot or two, which will require using your instincts to take them down. Look around the room, see something that might go with another object, put them together, and then use the combined elements to your robot's advantage. You can also kill some harmless space leeches for a little bonus at the end.

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