You have to give Combo Crew credit for one thing: it's different from most of the iOS titles I've come across. Sure there have been fighting titles ported to phones and tablets, but I haven't come across an interactive fighting escapade the way this game presents itself.

It's a shame, though, that this cool experience is trapped inside a so-so game.

Combo Crew has you take control of one of four different fighters, all with their own unique battle styles and combos. You can play through King of the Tower's over thirty levels filled with bots and brutes, or try your hand at Combo Crew mode, which has you fighting off baddies while trying your hand at completing some achievements. As you play through the game you earn points to unlock new combos and playable characters.

Each level is set up in the same way: at least three waves of characters literally drop to the ground and proceed to try and attack you. Sometimes you'll face off against little bots, giant bodyguards, or even a mixture of both. It's here where Combo Crew starts to show its weaker sides, and where I started to get bored with the action on the screen. When the repetition began I saw myself diving deeper in auto-pilot mode, where I began to lose focus on the battles and let my mind wander about.

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