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"Gemini Rue" Ports Well To iOS, Despite Some Hiccups

"Gemini Rue" Ports Well To iOS, Despite Some Hiccups

With the closing of LucasArts last week a lot of people and companies lamented on the loss of one of the most influential game makers of any generation. It is fortunate, though, that there are some out there that keep its traditional point-and-click gameplay alive and feeling anew, TellTale Games being the prime example. Some companies go even further, replicating the look and feel of those classic games.

Wadjet Eye Games has made a name for themselves by not just capturing the classic LucasArts look and feel, but also its spirit. Titles like Cognition, The Blackwell Deception, and the recently-released Primordia have been praised for its nostalgic take on adventure games. This week comes the rerelease of the game that first put them in the spotlight on iOS: Gemini Rue.

Taking place in the distant future Gemini Rue has you take control of two storylines. The first has you play as Azriel Odin, a former assassin who now stands behind the badge of the law who is on the search for his brother Daniel while trying to take down a mafia known as the Boryokudan. While searching for clues he rescues his friend Matthius, along with making a new ally in the form of Sayuri. Everyone wants to get their hands on a drug simply known as "Juice," with the Boryokudan wanting to use it to control the people, and Azriel & Sayuri simply wishing to destroy it.

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