It's that time of year again: video gaming at its most extreme in the Boston area!

Join King Baby Duck, Blueonic, and Teg as they take on this year's PAX East at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center! We'll be covering it all: mainstream games, indie developers, musical guests, and even some tech thrown in here and there. And there are quite a few ways to check it all out:

  1. Keep your eyes peeled here on the Boston Bastard Brigade page for Blueonic & Teg's pieces, and the ElectricSistaHood's EGMNOW page for King Baby Duck's reports.
  2. Follow King Baby Duck, Blueonic, and Teg at Twitter for up-to-the-second news!
  3. Look at the Boston Bastard Brigade's Tumblr for cool pics and other tidbits!
  4. Maybe...just maybe...the ESH YouTube page?

Today, it begins. Bring on the PAX East insanity!!!

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