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November 2012

¡Hola! ¿Cómo estás? Aw, screw it! I don't know how to speak much Spanish, but I can certainly say that this movie is freakin' hilarious. Juan of the Dead pays homage to Edgar Wright's Shaun of the Dead, but doesn't completely copy it out right. Juan of the Dead gives you a whole different story and characters that makes it unique in its own way, especially seeing through the eyes of a Cuban.

The road to Retro City Rampage's release has been a long and strenuous one. Originally supposed to be a de-make of the Grand Theft Auto series called "Grand Theftendo" Brian Provinciano's brainchild started taking another form after he wanted to make it more original, not just a parody of Rockstar's beloved series. Instead he took elements from games, cartoons, and movies he loved as a child and inserted them into the main storyline. What was just a mere send-up of a modern-day classic was now a super-parody, filled with jokes found in every crevice of the game. Retro City Rampage is also one of the best love letters to gamers since Polytron's Fez.

Attack The Block is another movie to add onto my wall of fame movie shelf. This is an awesome movie where a gang of kids go from being the scumbags of the streets they live in to the heroes of the day. (Believe me: if I dealt with this situation in real-life, I wouldn't be running around with a katana, baseball bat, a small knife or any other crappy tool to take on these invaders.)


There are dozens, nay, tons of billiard-based video games out there, each one just as similar as the last. Developer CherryPop Games, on the other hand, has taken a somewhat different approach to the home of the 8-ball in Pool Nation, simply by giving players a chance to challenge themselves just a little bit more.