The mere utterance of Shinichiro Watanabe in the anime world will send hundreds of thousands of otaku to their nearest TV set or computer to watch his next work. The Quentin Tarantino of animation Watanabe is a man with a trademark style and a patented branding of badassery. When word got out that Watanabe was to reunite with his Cowboy Bebop cohort Yoko Kanno in a new series the sound of buzzing transformed itself into a roar of anticipation. This past spring the show made its premiere in Japan and on Crunchyroll: Kids on the Slope.


Taking place in the mid-1960s Kids on the Slope follows three friends as their bond grows through their love of jazz, along with the hardships of their pasts finding similar groundings. New student Kaoru comes across two classmates named Sentaro and Ritsuko, whom have been friends since childhood. After being saved by Sentaro Kaoru is invited by Ritsuko to check out her father's record shop, where he discovers the magic of jazz.

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